Board of Directors 

Chairperson: Uz. Hussain Siraj

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Hussain Siraj comes from a legal background with 12 years of experience in corporate and commercial law, civil litigation, regulatory practice, criminal investigations and legal service in the public sector, private sector, the government and various projects. Mr. Siraj has an LLB (Honours) from Middlesex University.

General Secretary: Ms. Aishath Ibahath

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Aishath Ibahath currently works as Director, Referal and Monitory at FPA. She has an MA in Human Rights Law and Policy and a Bachelor of Human Sciences in Psychology.

Financial Controller: Mr. Abdulla Naseer

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Abdulla Naseer is an Attorney and partner of Legal Aid LLP and has 5 years experience in civil and criminal litigation. He has a Bachelors Degree on Jurisprudence and Law from Maldives College of Islamic Studies.

General Board Members
Ms. Salma Fikry

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Salma Fikry has over 20 years experience of working in community development in the Maldives. She is a recipient of the National Award for promoting good governance in the Maldives and has an MA in Development Management. Previously she worked as the Program Director at the Institute of Governance and Development.

Ms. Najiya Hameed

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Najiya Hameed has a BA in Communication and Media Management and in the past, worked as a Communication & Project Coordinator at TM.