Transparency Maldives invites Civil Society Organizations registered in the Maldives to submit Concept Notes to develop and implement community projects!


As part of its Promoting Resilience in the Maldives (PRIME) program, Transparency Maldives invites Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) registered in the Maldives to submit Concept Notes for a community programs and interventions focusing on reducing vulnerability and improving community resilience and social cohesion.  

The grants can be used to build capacity of the CSOs to sustainable deliver programs in the focus area, to strengthen and increase outreach of existing programs, and/or to develop and pilot new programs in the area.  


 The PRIME program focuses on increasing social cohesion and resilience of vulnerable populations and address the root causes that focuses young people to turn to violence and crime. As such, the  four interrelated social issues that PRIME primarily addresses are:  

  • Breakdown of family structure 
  • Gangs and drug use 
  • Weak education system 
  • Youth un- and under-employment  

To ensure sustainable partnerships within the communities and to encourage CSO involvement, inclusion, and partnership in building community resilience and social cohesion; programs under the grant will be implemented through CSOs. 

Focus Areas

  1. Develop and conduct community programs for reintegration of prisoners back into society – download here
  2. Establish Long term Youth and Community Engagement Programs – download here
  3. Revive and expand the functions of youth centres in youth skill and career development in the Maldives – download here
  4. Develop a school-based program for at-risk youths  – download here

Who can apply?

CSOs shall meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in this program:  

  • Must be a registered Civil Society Organization (CSO) of the Maldives under the Ministry of Youth, Community Empowerment and Sports.  
  • Must have at least a basic accounting and reporting system in place. 
  • Currently active in the community with existing programs  
  • Commitment and flexibility to work in partnership with TM  
  • Credibility and proven relevant experience  
  • Must not have affiliations with a religious or political party, and must not utilize funds for religious or political purposes  
  • Must NOT subgrant the funds to a third party  
  • Must not be a government entity or a politically elected individual/entity, or an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO).  
  • Must demonstrate an ability to manage funds and have a designated person to manage finances of this grant.  
  • Must submit a completed application  including all requested supporting information 

Information Session: 10 May 2021

Workshop on developing a Successful Concept Note: 17-18 May 2021

Deadline for Applications: 9 June 2021



    Apply to this RFP
    Download COI (Conflict of Interest) Document
    To send the proposal:

    Email [email protected] with the following information:

    • Technical Proposal
    • Financial Proposal
    • Filled COI (Conflict of Interest Statement)