Concern over shrinking civil society space: Call for transparency and accountability in climate finance

TI Chapters of the South Asian Region collectively express concern over shrinking civil society space and call for transparency and accountability in climate finance. The statement was sponsored by Transparency International (TI) Bangladesh and Transparency Maldives, and was endorsed by TI Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, at the Climate Integrity Talks conference in Bangkok from 25-27 April 2018.

The five TI chapters observed with disappointment that civil society actors are increasingly restricted in their work, often on politically motivated grounds, and called on national governments and to ensure a safe operational space for civil society organisations.

The chapters also asked developed country governments and multilateral funding institutions to support civil society work to ensure funding for climate change adaptation and mitigation is delivered as committed and used transparently and accountably.

Finally, the chapters called upon all stakeholders to actively support and build partnerships to ensure climate finance and action initiatives are undertaken with the overarching goal of reaching the most vulnerable people and contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


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