Press Statement and clarification: Findings of the Assessment of Climate Finance Governance in Maldives

Clarification on the reported numbers of the ‘An Assessment on Climate Finance Governance’ report:


Maldives has been pledged USD 130 million from 2008 through 2015 for environment and climate change related projects. Some projects financed through the USD 130 million have been concluded while others are currently ongoing. The figure is not MVR 130 billion as reported by some news sources.


We apologize for the misinformation.


‘An Assessment on Climate Finance Governance’ is a research conducted in 6 countries by Climate Finance Integrity Project’s by the respective Transparency International chapters.


This assessment is based on expert interviews and mapping on how funds have been received and utilized. We highlight the main findings and recommendations of the assessment on climate finance governance in Maldives.


See the following link for a summary of the report in Dhivehi and the complete report can be found in English at this link.