Re-announcement: Graphics Designer

Transparency Maldives is seeking the services of a Graphics Designer  to design and develop layout for Anti-Corruption Agency Strengthening Initiative Report.

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Position title: Graphics Designer

Expected period of commitment: 3 Weeks

Application deadline: 04.00pm, 16th November 2016

Location: Male’, Maldives


1. Organization Background

Transparency Maldives is a non-partisan organization that endeavors to be a constructive force in society by promoting collaboration and discussion on corruption, transparency and accountability. Transparency Maldives seeks to engage with stakeholders from all sectors (government, business, politics and civil society, among others) to raise awareness of corruption’s detrimental effects on development and society, improve transparency and accountability in governance, and eliminate corruption from the daily lives of people.

Transparency Maldives received formal government registration in 2007, and is the National Contact of Transparency International (TI) in the Maldives.

2. Background to the assignment

A strong Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is a powerful asset in the fight against corruption. When they are independent of the government and empowered to investigate allegations, they have the potential to hold even the most powerful people in society to account.

Recognizing the potential of ACAs in combating corruption Transparency International has recently launched the ACA Strengthening (ACA) Initiative, the purpose of which is to undertake assessments of ACAs throughout South Asia.

Research Teams of each National Chapter will be responsible for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the ACA in their relevant country prior to publishing those findings in a comprehensive written assessment which will also include recommendations addressing perceived performance gaps; this will serve as a prelude to media engagement and stakeholder consultations to support the institution to support the institution to become an effective Anti-Corruption Agency.

3. Purpose of the Assignment

Transparency Maldives is seeking the services of a graphics and layout expert to design and develop the layout for the ACA SI report.

4. Responsibilities of the consultant

The Consultant will be expected to work closely with the Research Coordinator for the Anti-Corruption Agency Strengthening Initiative:

* Ensure the designing and products are produced in line with Transparency International’s proposed layout for the ACA SI project

5. Deliverables

* Design and develop the layout and design for in accordance with the template provided for the ACA SI report by Transparency International

6. Duration of the Assignment

Three (3) weeks upon signing of contract. The consultant must be based in Malé, Maldives for the duration of the assignment.

7. Reporting

The Consultant will work closely with and report to the Research Coordinator for the ACA SI project at Transparency Maldives throughout the assignment.

8. Required Competencies

* Proven 3-5 years experience in graphic and layout designing/publication production.

* Excellent command of Adobe applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

* Advanced understanding of vector-based imagery, such as maps and logos is essential.

* Proven ability to deliver high quality results under tight deadlines.

* Proven ability to coordinate, follow instructions and work under pressure either part of a team or individually.


Closing date for applications: Before 04.00pm, 16th November 2016.

Application and selection procedures: Interested applicants should submit an email to Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor ([email protected]). The subject line must read “ACA SI Layout Design”. The content of the application should not be longer than 5 pages and must include the following:

* A summary of relevant experience (attach a brief CV, providing evidence that you are qualified to undertake this assignment).

* Portfolio/examples of similar assignments that you have undertaken (two to three), preferably in the Maldives, over the past 3-5 years.

* Proposed Charges.

* Two relevant references.

Applications must be in English or Dhivehi. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.

The contract will be awarded on a lump sum/fixed cost basis. The application should state the bid amount (in MVR) for undertaking the work. Transparency Maldives retains the right to reject any or all of the applications and/or to enter into additional negotiations with one or more of the tendering parties to help define the exact scope of the work and deliverables to be undertaken.

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