Transparency Maldives invites NGOs, associations, and firms legally registered in the Maldives to submit Concept Papers to develop and implement community projects!


As part of its Promoting Resilience in the Maldives (PRIME) program, Transparency Maldives invites Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) registered in the Maldives to submit Concept Notes for a community programs and interventions focusing on reducing vulnerability and improving community resilience and social cohesion.

The grants can be used to build capacity of the CSOs to sustainable deliver programs in the focus area, to strengthen and increase outreach of existing programs, and/or to develop and pilot new programs in the area.

Funding areas

  1. Civil society efforts towards supporting and enabling long-term youth and community engagement.
  2. Civil society efforts towards developing and conducting programs to support vulnerable youth to reduce gang recruitment and drug use.
  3. Civil society efforts on community-based programs for reintegration of prisoners and/or youth in detention/ rehabilitation centers and other social issues back into society.
  4. Civil society efforts to address issues relating to sense of purpose and identity of at-risk youth within the educational system through school interventions.
  5. Civil society efforts to enable employment and entrepreneurial capacity building through career fairs targeted at career guidance, networking and internship opportunities.
  6. Civil society efforts towards reviving and or expanding youth centers to address issues such as unemployment and underemployment, lack of inter-intra personal and vocational skills.

Who can apply?

  • NGOs
  • Private enterprises and entities
  • Business Service Organisations
  • Industry/Sector, Trade, or other private sector associations
  • CSO Coalitions (Registered CSOs may partner with smaller CBOs in applying for grants)


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