YR3Human rights activist and blogger Yameen Rasheed as murdered in the early hours of Sunday, 23rd April 2017, in the stairwell of his house. Prior to his murder Yameen had received countless numbers of threats and had reported them to the police. However no action was taken and the complaint was never taken seriously.

Despite having identified the culprits, the police have failed to apprehend them and take them into custody. Yameen’s family and friends continue to fear that his murder will face the same incompetence displayed by authorities in handling the case of the abduction of Yameen’s best friend Ahmed Rilwan. This call for action is an attempt to make sure that the murder of Yameen and his efforts to find his best friend are not forgotten. Through petitions, public messages, poetry and one on one conversations, and revisiting the values and causes so vehemently prompted by Yameen, we aim to seek justice for Yameen Rasheed and his friend Ahmed Rilwan and keep the values they stood for and their voices alive.

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What can you do?

  1. Sign the letter to the Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission of Maldives

Download and read the letter here. You can send a scanned copy of the signed letter  to [email protected]’ or drop off the forms at our office (G. Liverpool North, 2nd Floor, Shabnum Magu)

  1. Sign the petition to the Majlis

    Download the signature form here. You can send scanned copies of the signed forms to ‘[email protected]’ or drop off the forms at our office (G. Liverpool North, 2nd Floor, Shabnum Magu)

    View the petition here

  2. Sign the letter to the Commissioner of Police calling for a credible investigation into the murder of Yameen Rasheed and the forced disappearance of Ahmed Rilwan.

    You can read and download the letter here. Deliver the signed letters to the Maldives Police Services.