Climate Finance Integrity Program

Transparency International launched the Climate Finance Integrity Program (CFIP) in 2011, to promote transparency and accountability in the increasing volume of funds being allocated for climate change adaptation and mitigation. The countries involved in the Program work to assess the risks and find solutions to ensure that these funds are not lost due to corruption or embezzlement. This will contribute to more effective climate finance, which meets adaption and mitigation objectives and better achievement of related poverty reduction and development goals

The CFIP is funded by the German Ministry of Environment and is being implemented in Mexico, Kenya, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Peru and the Maldives, administered by Transparency International. The first phase of the Program is expected to be completed by end of 2013.


The main activities of the Phase 1 of CFIP are:

  1. Develop a map of the climate finance coming into the country in order to capture the money flow and the relationships between the institutions that are handling climate money. Once developed this map will be available online for public viewing and will be updated to reflect changes (such as new institutions or new projects coming into Maldives).
  2. Identify institutions responsible for the largest share of climate finance, and carry out in-depth assessment of these key institutions. The assessment will look into the institutions anti corruption safeguards, transparency, accountability and capacity in handling the climate finance.
  3. Develop a national climate governance network to support the work done by the program and to discuss issues raise and solutions. This network will build on existing knowledge within other civil society groups, government offices and private institutions, individuals to complement the information gathered by chapters.
  4. Develop an e-learning course to enhance stakeholder awareness of climate change funds and global agreements, avenues of funding and to ensure more transparent and accountable use of climate funds.


If you wish to become involved, please send an email to [email protected] to become a network member or to clarify any queries.


If you wish to learn more about climate change funds and how the current projects are designed, sign-up for the e-learning course. The course will take approximately 3 hours and will introduce the relevant international discussions and ongoing climate change programs. The course content is designed to be non-technical.