Announcement: Review of National Integrity System Assessment

Transparency Maldives (TM), is seeking a Reviewer to critically examine the complete

draft report of the research carried out by TM on all institutions of the country that are

involved in fighting corruption.

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I. Organization


Transparency Maldives is a non-partisan organization that endeavours to be a

constructive force in society by promoting collaboration and discussion on corruption,

transparency, and accountability. Our organization seeks to engage with stakeholders

from all sectors (government, business, political and civil society, among others) to raise

awareness of corruption’s detrimental effects on development and society, improve

transparency and accountability in governance, and eliminate corruption from the daily

lives of people. Transparency Maldives (TM) received formal government registration

in 2007, and is the National Contact of Transparency International (TI) in the Maldives.

II. National Integrity System (NIS) Assessment


The NIS Assessment looks at 13 key institutions of the country that are relevant to

fighting corruption and analyses the strength of the legal framework in which these

institutions operate in and also evaluates how well they perform their functions with

regards to fighting corruption. This study is expected to detail out what steps are

necessary to curb corruption in the country, both by government and NGOs (more

information on NIS assessments is available at TM commenced its research on the NIS

of Maldives in 2012, funded by AUSAID. The report is now drafted and in final stages of

checks and verification.

III. Reviewer’s assignment:


To review the complete draft report of the National Integrity Survey report for Maldives

and provide documented comments based on the following points.

 Facts and key developments:
To your knowledge, are the names, dates and figures

used in the report correct? Has the author given sufficient weight to the principal

developments in corruption and the fight against it in the country? Should the

presentation or the balance between them be altered? Do you feel that any other

developments or trends should be included?

 Consistency:
Is the message coming through in the study consistent across

sections? Are there any facts or analysis in the details of the report that contradict

the conclusions made elsewhere in the report? Importantly, does the Executive

Summary reflect and truly summarise the report overall?

 Evidence:
Are statements and analysis supported by sufficient evidence? Are

quoted sources reputable and reliable, or might there be a significant bias?

 Contentiousness / controversy:
Are the statements and interpretations widely

accepted or are they controversial? If assertions are controversial, are they appropriately backed by facts and sources? Please keep in mind that the report is

not intended to be investigative, but rather to provide analysis of information that is

already in the public domain.

 Libel/defamation:
Has the author avoided unsubstantiated allegations of

corruption against named persons, companies or governments? Has the author

avoided naming names where there is no sourcing from public domain documents

(newspapers, agency reports, etc.)?

As the report is in draft form, there is no need for Reviewer to thoroughly comment on

spelling, grammar or style except in a general way.

The Reviewer should also provide an overall assessment as to the overall quality of the

NIS report by answering the following question:

How would you rate the NIS report in terms of its overall

quality as an assessment of the country’s anti-corruption

system in law and in practice?

Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor or Very Poor?


IV. Deliverables:

To write a feedback report presenting detailed comments on the NIS report in the form

of a stand-alone report (3-4 pages) with clear page references to relevant material in

the NIS report, based on the above points.

V. Closing date for applications:

Thursday, 5th June 2014, 16:00 hours.
VI. Application and selection procedures:
Send e-mail to [email protected] before the closing date with:
(1) Price Quotation
(2) Letter stating clearly why you are suitable for the post, with
details of how

you meet the above requirements,
addressed to:

Ms. Mariyam Shiuna

Executive Director

(3) Recent curriculum vitae and names of two referees
(4) A list of all published work, if any, including online blogs or

Interested persons living abroad may also apply.

A chapter of the report can be made available for preview before submission of

quotation, upon request.

Please contact Senior Project Coordinator, Aminath Haifa Naeem (phone: 3304017,

email: [email protected]) for any inquiries.