Transparency Maldives welcomes applications from artists in the Maldives working with a wide range of mediums to participate in the Democracy-Art Workshop taking place from 29 October–10 November 2016, and the Democracy-Art Exhibition taking place from 11–13 November 2016.

Art plays an important role in bringing and reflecting cultural shifts that occur within a community. Bringing a diverse group of artists together in a workshop space will create opportunities and a platform to exchange ideas that will eventually be translated into a group public exhibition.

1. About Democracy-Art Workshop & Exhibition

Workshop date: 29 October–10 November 2016
Exhibition date: 11–13 November 2016

Democracy-Art workshop provides an opportunity for ten Maldivian artists to work with the workshop facilitators, Umair Badheeu and Fazail Lutfi, for ten days.

The ten selected participants will meet as a group during the course of the workshop. The workshop will be a space where they generate and exchange ideas. They will meet as a group to review peer work and learn about the theme of the workshop and the exhibition. The workshop sessions will include discussions on design concepts, reading analysis, lectures from guest speakers, critiques, and writing.

Participants will also engage themselves in individual studio time. This is a time when they they will experiment with their own ideas and develop various ways to express them. This studio time will help them to strengthen their voice as individual artists. The individual studios will bring diverse ideas to group discussions and strengthen the quality of dialogue between the participants.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be given the opportunity to show their work (produced during their individual studio time) at the Democracy-Art Exhibition that will be held for 3 days in November 2016.

Important: Participants are expected to commit at least 8 hours per day during the workshop period.

2. About the workshop facilitators

Umair Badheeu is an artist and curator who had his formal training in photojournalism and fine art from Corcoran College of Art and Design. He has conducted various art and photography workshops related to social issues. His latest installations are derived from cultural influences of the Indian Ocean diaspora, more specifically, astrology, weather patterns and its meanings.

Fazail Lutfi is an artist who uses video and sculptural elements to create his installations exploring his ambivalence towards place, memory and imagination. He received his formal training in dramatic arts at the University of the Witwatersrand. He also taught animation and motion graphics at University of Regina where he pursued a master’s degree in visual arts and media production. Currently he divides his time working on commercial creative projects and making art.

3. Who can apply

Maldivian artists using any medium (painting, drawing, sculpture, poetry, photography, film, mixed media, etc) who are 18 years and above may apply to join the workshop.

4. How to apply

Please email a short writing  in Dhivehi or English about democracy and equality to [email protected] before 10am on 27th October 2016. The email subject line must read “Democracy-Art Workshop”.

Please include your name, age and contact details (mobile number and email address) on the top right corner of the writing.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

If further information is required, please contact Ahid Rasheed: [email protected].