Voter registration: what happens next?

Elections Commission published the voter’s registry of eligible voters for the presidential elections 2013 with a deadline to submit any issues by 04:00pm, 9 June 2013. With the deadline passed, listed below are the next steps:


1- Elections Commission must resolve all complaints within a maximum of 5 days from 9th June, and must inform those who complained about the decision within that period.

2- If you’re not happy about the decision, you get 5 days to lodge a complaint to the High Court

3- High Court must decide within 15 days

4- EC will publish the amended voter registry again, and anyone above 18 years can lodge complaints about any amendment within 10 days. (Same process as voter verification in the first stage continues).

5- Voter re-registration (to register at another place from your permanent residence) takes place at a later stage, to be announced by the Elections Commission


If you did submit a complaint regarding the voter registry, ensure that you receive a response from the Elections Commission within the mentioned period. Ensure that you are able to vote.