Ensure you are able to vote!

Elections Commission publishes the voter registry of eligible voters for the presidential election 2013. Deadline for voter verification is 9 June 2013, 04:00pm. To ensure that you are able to vote, check your information online at www.elections.gov.mv


If there are any problems in the information, fill in this form and send to Elections Commission with a copy of your National ID card or Passport or Driver’s license.


If your information is correct and you wish to vote in a place different from the address on the voter registry, you will get a chance to re-register when Elections Commission open for re-registration.


How to check your information:

1 – Send a message to 1414 with the key word VIS (space) Your National ID Card Number

2 – You could also visit the Elections Commission website and enter your National ID Card Number to view your details

3 – Call 1414

4 – Voter registry published on gazette and on Elections Commission website


Where can you send your complaints?

1 – Elections Commission

2 – Presidential Elections 2013 registration center

3 – Island Councils

4 – Email to [email protected]

5 – Fax to 300 7905

6 – Help Desks located at different areas of Male’