Experience as a TM intern

I applied to Transparency Maldives for an internship because I wanted to do something meaningful during my time back home for summer break from university studies. It proved to be an invaluable experience that helped to broaden my skill set and improve my understanding of the contemporary sociopolitical issues in the Maldives. The experience would not have been the same without my colleagues who were supportive and challenged me to get the most out of the internship.

Symposium on Freedom of Association

I did an array of different work during my three month internship at TM. I was able to improve my administrative skills by assisting to arrange advocacy stakeholder meetings undertaken to review the Association Act. I also did research based tasks such as heading a volunteer team to conduct interviews with Women’s Development Committees; and later in analyzing data.The highlight of my internship would probably be travelling with TM to conduct civic education workshops in Thaa atoll. This provided me with the chance to meet a lot of interesting people and in return learn from them as well. Towards the end of my internship I assisted in organizing the ‘Symposium on Freedom of Association’ which was challenging and at the same time very inspirational. Through my internship I gained valuable insight into how a civil society organisation engages at both policy level and grassroots level.

Aminath Saany Naseer
Civic Participation Project