Indian migrant workers in Maldives stand against corruption and ill-treatment

Desperate for money migrant workers do additional odd jobs to meet their basic needs. With no assistance in addressing their issues, workers are left to fend for themselves.

A group of construction workers working for a company based in the Maldives were denied their monthly salaries for 8 months. They finally stopped working and asked the company to pay them what they were owed and make arrangements for them to return back to their country. However, the company turned down their request.

Desperate and without any money to even meet their basic daily needs, the group approached the Indian High Commission in Maldives for help.

When the High Commission failed to assist them, they approached our legal advice centre for help. We contacted the company on their behalf and after several discussions, the company agreed to pay the group their due salaries and make arrangements for them to return home to India.


‘The advocacy and legal aid centre helped us to get our unpaid salaries and negotiated with our company to send us back to India. Before coming to the legal aid centre we also went to Labor Relations Authority and the Indian High Commission. But it all became possible because of the work of the legal aid centre. We are really thankful for the help.’