Vacancy: Research Consultant

Announcement for a Research Consultant


Application deadline: 1 Decemeber 2013


Transparency Maldives is hiring for the position of Research Consultant who will be a core member of the Transparency Maldives team, operating under the supervision of the Climate Finance Integrity Project Coordinator. She/he will need to travel to several islands to conduct research for two climate change projects.


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Project Background


Transparency Maldives has been implementing a Climate Finance Integrity Programme, supported by Transparency International. The programme was launched to promote transparency and accountability in the increasing volume of funds being allocated for climate change adaptation and mitigation. The countries involved in the Program work to assess the risks and find solutions to ensure that these funds are not lost due to corruption or embezzlement. This will contribute to more effective climate finance, which meets adaption and mitigation objectives and better achievement of related poverty reduction and development goals.


Objectives and Scope for Researcher


In the backdrop of the general research, case studies need to be developed to bring out examples of how climate change projects are planned and implemented in the Maldives. As such the researcher is expected to conduct a research on two selected climate change projects, and prepare a short paper on the main findings.


The research is to be built on review of existing information, reviews of laws and regulations related to project formulation and implementation, monitoring and audit of such projects. Interviews must be conducted with key government stakeholders such as ministries, donors, any contracted parties, relevant local councils and representatives of beneficiaries. The researcher is expected to assess the level of transparency and participation in project implementation. The two projects will be decided by TM, and will be selected on a basis of ease of travel and targeted climate change adaptation or mitigation benefits.


A guideline for assessment of projects will be provided by TM which may be modified by the research team in consultation with TM. The research team will make travel and all logistics arrangements and should include any such expenses in the quotation for works. The researcher will also conduct interviews with government offices. The verification of information collected is the responsibility of the researcher.


Travel expected: Ha.Dhidhdhoo and Ha.Ihavandhoo, two to three days per island for interviews.




1.Notes of all interviews conducted 2.Photos of interviews and project sites. 3.Analysis of main findings. (800-1000 words per case study, in English, total two case�studies)




Submit all deliverables within 21 days of signing contract.


Required Experience and application:


Interested applicants are requested to submit a signed letter of interest with CV, addressed to Mr. Thoriq Hamid, to be emailed to [email protected], before 16:00hours on Sunday 1st December 2013.


A quotation for work and CV of all team members must be submitted (individuals may also apply).


Applicants will be graded on all of the following aspects. As such, applicants are expected to indicate their relevant experience and knowledge on each of the following in their application.

• Experience in investigative reporting/journalism and conducting interviews
• Experience in analytical work
• Research experience and analytical skills (mention if any participation in published works)
• Knowledge of Maldivian laws related to work or study
• Demonstrated understanding of Maldivian government structure
• Basic understanding of climate change issues in Maldives and related projects
• Fluency in English and Dhivehi. â€¢ Demonstrated experience with writing for different audiences
• Quotation for works

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