Transparency Maldives (TM) is launching a new digest under its Promoting Resilience in the Maldives (PRIME) program. Currently, TM is accepting abstracts for submissions to the magazine’s issue 01 on drivers and social problems that increase the vulnerabilities, especially of young people, and make them more susceptible to violent extremism and radicalisation, to be published in September 2021. Submissions may include, but are not limited to, articles, opinion pieces, poetry, and personal accounts within the thematic areas. 

The deadline for Abstract submissions has been extended till 31st August 2021, 05:00pm. 

All applicants will be notified of the status of their concept note two weeks after the deadline. 


Currently, there is no dedicated platform that provides information and facilitates discussion around issues of social exclusion, radicalisation and violent extremism in the Maldives.  

As part of PRIME program, TM plans to release a digest that aims to inform both the public and policymakers of the intersection between violent extremism (VE), public policy and governance issues. The digests, published biannually, will inform different perspectives and programs as well as promote intersectional learning.  

The content for the digests will be developed in partnership with local, regional and international countering violent extremist (CVE) experts and actors including civil society organizations, academics, psychosocial support providers, state institutions as well as the general public. 

The digests will be printed as well as published online. The aim is to include different types of content: from analytical articles and commentary to interviews and poetry. Content will be welcome in both Dhivehi and English and must be inclusive and cater for a diverse audience. 


1.Issue’s thematic areas: 

Violent extremist narratives, movements, and organizations have gained popularity in the Maldives. In 2015, the Maldives was identified as having one of the highest numbers of foreign fighters joining violent extremist organizations (VEOs) per capita, in countries such as Syria and Iraq. While there is a lack of substantive research, the rise in involvement of youth communities in violent extremism and violent extremist organisations have been a variety of interrelated social problems – from gang and drug abuse, to weaknesses in the education system as well as the increasing rates on unemployment and underemployment. 

The first issue of the digest will focus on the social problems that increase the vulnerabilities, especially of young people, and make them more susceptible to violent extremisms and radicalisation. The objective of the digest is to contribute towards a better understanding of the drivers contributing towards vulnerability of communities to VE narratives, and to inform in designing and implementing interventions to address the issues.

 2. Abstracts (submissions can be in English or Dhivehi): 

(200-1200 words) 

We are seeking abstracts for short articles, opinion pieces, personal accounts, poetry related to the above thematic areas. These will be limited to a maximum of 1200 words. The digest will include submissions that serve its objectives. The digest will include submissions that are based in sound factual knowledge, original or existing research, those that meet the normative values of a democratic society that respects equal human rights for all, or pieces that are based on life stories that the author personally knows about. Successful abstracts should therefore take into account these considerations.  

3.What else to include: 



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4. Submit via: Send in your abstracts via email to [email protected] with the subject line “Abstract Submission – PRIME Digest” 

 Submission deadline: 31st August 2021, 05:00pm

For more information, please email [email protected]  

About PRIME  

PRIME is a four-year project supported by the USAID to increase the resilience of vulnerable populations and at-risk groups such as youth, men and women alike, against violent extremism, radicalization and recruitment.  

The program approaches to increase the resilience of populations vulnerable to violent extremism through (1) understanding the drivers of radicalization and violent extremism, (2) enhancing agency and social cohesion and (3) improving career prospects and employment. Thus, key vulnerabilities to recruitment by violent extremists will be reduced, radicalization pathways will be interrupted, and opportunities to rejoin society will be created. 

To better design and implement CVE efforts by improved understanding of radicalization and violent extremism in Maldives, PRIME project’s objective 01 focuses on publishing a biannual digest. 

About Transparency Maldives 

Founded in 2007, Transparency Maldives is the national contact of Transparency International (TI) in the Maldives. TM is a non-partisan organization that promotes collaboration, awareness and other initiatives to improve governance and eliminate corruption in the Maldives. Since its inception, TM has undertaken research, advocacy, outreach and awareness raising and capacity building initiatives on a range of areas including electoral reform, right to information, freedom of association, migrant worker rights, climate finance integrity, women’s political participation, civic education and local governance.