MAAHARA DIGEST 2: Reviving Kandoodhoo Youth Center

We are excited to publish the second issue of the Maahara Digest! The aim of the digest is to create awareness and facilitate discussion on promoting social cohesion and addressing the vulnerabilities in our communities. Through the issues, we would also be showcasing the work of our sub-grantees and partners and their positive community-oriented approaches to promoting resilience!  

The second issue of the Maahara Digest showcases the work of Kandoo Sports Club, an NGO committed to community development, youth empowerment, and promoting social cohesion in Th. Kandoodhoo. This edition focuses on their endeavors to revive the island’s Youth Center and encourage active participation of the youth community in various pro-social platforms. 

Starting from 2021, Transparency Maldives has been providing support to Kandoo Sports Club’s project “Adhuge zuvaanun – Maadhama ge musthagbal.” A primary objective of this initiative is to repurpose an unused building into a youth center, addressing the absence of such a facility on the island. By revitalizing the youth center, the NGO aims to empower vulnerable youth, prevent their involvement in criminal activities, nurture their skills, and enhance female youth engagement within the community. In order to ensure sustainable youth empowerment, Kandoo Sports Club has also implemented life skills sessions, sports and agricultural activities, and career-building programs tailored for both youth and school graduates as part of this project.   

With our support, Kandoo Sports Club has conducted the following activities in their local community: 

  • Revived the youth center and introduced new indoor leisure activities for youth with the help of Maldives Pool Billiards Association, in consultation with stakeholders and the community.
  • Conducted 2 information sessions on farming, one for youth, women, and farmers  with 25 participants; and one for 54 school students
  • Held practical farming sessions for 20 youth participants. 
  • Conducted 2 ToT sessions on life skills programs aimed at senior management and teachers, reaching a total of 38 participants. 
  • Facilitated educational life skills program sessions for 23 school students 
  • Provided football training sessions for 29 youth. 

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