TM appeals to all actors to refrain from undermining the integrity of election day processes without evidence



Date: September 19, 2013


In view of the cases submitted and allegations made at the High Court and Supreme Court of the Maldives regarding systematic vote rigging, Transparency Maldives notes that it did not find any evidence that support allegations of systematic election day fraud during the nation-wide observation.


Transparency Maldives conducted the only systematic and nation-wide domestic observation in the 2013 Presidential Elections. Key findings of the election observation include:

  • All ballots were counted and accounted for and ballot boxes were shown to be empty before commencement of polling;
  • Only 0.2% people were turned away because their names were not on the registry;
  • Transparency Maldives observers have not reported any incident of double voting, impersonation, underage voting or of indelible ink washing off;
  • Candidate representativeness was high during the counting process; and
  • The counting process proceeded without incident in 85.5% of the polling stations with all ballot papers accounted for. All issues raised during counting at polling stations were resolved at the stations where provisional results were announced.

Transparency Maldives appeals to all actors and institutions to refrain from undermining the integrity of and confidence in the election day processes without credible evidence of fraud.




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