Transparency Maldives calls for stronger anti-corruption safeguards in climate finance in NGO forum recommendations to government

NGO Forum


Transparency Maldives has called for stronger anti-corruption safeguards in climate finance in the outcome document which was presented to Minister of Environment Dr Shakeela at an NGOs forum held on Sunday.


The outcome document included thirteen key recommendations to the government, including ensuring access rights such as participation of citizen bodies in government’s decision making on issues of sustainable development and environment.


Transparency Maldives Chairperson, Mohamed Rasheed Bari, made a presentation to the forum participants on the topic of strengthening NGOs role in environmental governance. Azim Zahir, TM’s senior project coordinator, led the discussions on NGO recommendations to the government.


Mr Bari also called on the government to strengthen governance mechanisms by including stronger standards of transparency, accountability and integrity.


The NGOs forum, organized jointly by NGO Federation and the Ministry of Environment and Energy, focused on NGOs role in environmental governance and management.


Dr Shakeela promised the government would seriously consider all the recommendations.