Transparency Maldives calls on state institutions to address integrity issues of the Supreme Court to prevent the derailment of democratic processes



Date: September 25, 2013


Transparency Maldives reiterates its concerns regarding the adverse impacts to the integrity of the Supreme Court due to the alleged questionable conduct of Justices and failure of state institutions to resolve contentious allegations against Justices and the institution of the Supreme Court.


Failure to address alleged integrity issues of the Supreme Court have created avenues for political and other actors to question the conduct, injunctions and verdicts of the Supreme Court. Expeditious resolution of such allegations and issues is imperative to ease rising tensions in the election environment and prevent the derailment of democratic processes.


Relevant state institutions, including the Judicial Service Commission and the Parliament of the Maldives must expedite the resolution of these issues and allegations, in a transparent manner free of conflict of interest, to reduce questioning of and allegations of partisan bias in such processes.




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Please see this link for a PDF of the statement in English and Dhivehi.