Transparency Maldives commends the Elections Commission for the smooth opening of the polls



Date: November 9, 2013


Transparency Maldives thanks the 400+ observers deployed across the country for their dedication in observing the election processes. Transparency Maldives observer network has a wide national coverage spanning resorts, prisons, and abroad, including London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Colombo.


The results we report are generalisable to the entire country. These results are based on the observation at the time of opening of polls.


The opening of the polls was smooth, and the administrative preparation and execution went well, for which the Elections Commission and relevant stakeholders deserve credit. The opening procedure went well with 99% of all polling stations open by 8.00am and 86% of polling stations open within the first 10 minutes of the required opening time.


Nearly all polling station officials were properly in place at all polling stations. The queue controller was absent at 2% and the polling station controller was absent at 2% of observed polling stations.


The materials required for voting were present and the ballot papers were counted and reconciled at all polling stations and all ballot boxes were verified as empty at the start.


Candidates were well represented at polling stations. Two or more candidate/party observers were present at 94.6% of all observed polling stations whilst no candidate/party observer was present in 5.4% of cases.


Transparency Maldives also notes that police were present at 95.1% of the observed polling stations at the opening time.


Observers concluded that the polling stations were set up to ensure a secret vote in the vast majority of cases (97.5%). This was less clear in about 2.5% of all cases observed. These polling stations will be closely watched.


We encourage all parties to maintain the climate of peace. Our observers are working hard at polling stations and will be present at the polling stations till closing.


We will be informing you the precise time of our next press conference later this afternoon.




For all media queries, please contact Advocacy and Communications Manager, Aiman Rasheed (00 960 7908967).


See the following links for the press statement in English and Dhivehi.