Transparency Maldives fully ready for extensive observation of October 19, 2013 election



Date: October 18, 2013


Transparency Maldives will be conducting an independent and systematic observation of the polls on October 19, 2013.


To this end, Transparency Maldives has recruited and deployed over 400 fully trained election observers and volunteers across all 20 atolls.


As with the previous election, the observation is based on random sampling which will enable Transparency Maldives to comment on the quality of the elections for the entire country. This internationally recognized methodology has been employed in many countries.


The objective of Transparency Maldives observation is to build confidence in the electoral processes and promote transparency at this critical time. This systematic observation will help identify avenues to improve and strengthen electoral systems in the Maldives.


Transparency Maldives will hold two press conferences on election day. The first conference will be held at 1pm to comment on the quality of the opening of polls.


The second press conference will be held later in the evening to comment on overall election day processes including counting and closing of polls.


Both press conferences on election day will be held at Dharubaaruge.




For all media queries, please contact Advocacy and Communications Manager, Aiman Rasheed on 00 960 7908967.


See these links for a PDF of the statement in English and Dhivehi.