Transparency Maldives shares Pre-Election Assessment Findings and Recommendations with Key Stakeholders



Transparency Maldives met with key stakeholders on Sunday to share the findings and recommendations of its Pre-Election Assessment for the upcoming presidential elections, which is to be released soon.


The forum was attended by, among others, Members of Parliament from political parties, the government, the Elections Commission, the Auditor General’s Office, the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Maldives Police Service, the Maldives Broadcasting Commission.


A lively discussion followed the presentation by Transparency Maldives, in which participants welcomed the findings and the recommendations.


Transparency Maldives Spokesperson Aiman Rasheed commented: “Transparency Maldives hopes with this stakeholder meeting and the release of the report to the public soon, constructive debate will take place around issues for the upcoming elections, paving way for addressing those issues.”


The Pre-Election Assessment covers areas such as the electoral and political environment, electoral administration and processes and the electoral legal framework.