Transparency Maldives to deploy a nation-wide domestic election observation mission for Parliamentary Elections 2014

Male – (20 March 2014) – As in the Presidential Election 2013, Transparency Maldives will be

fielding the only nation-wide domestic elections observation mission comprising over 300 trained

observers and volunteers, spanning all 20 atolls and foreign countries.
Through its election program, Transparency Maldives seeks to increase citizen participation in and

transparency of electoral processes. Transparency Maldives’ systematic observation will help identify

areas for further improvement in electoral processes and practices.
The outcome of the election is not necessarily decided on Election Day itself, and hence, the pre-

election environment must provide a level-playing field for all candidates, free from obstructions

to campaign and for the voters to make an informed choice free from undue influence. To this end,

Transparency Maldives is also conducting long-term election observation in addition to election day

efforts. Transparency Maldives’ long-term observer network has been functional since 1 March 2014.
Though the pre-election environment is largely peaceful, Transparency Maldives has identified

vote buying, allegations of abuse of authority and state resources, and the lack of political financing

transparency as major issues of concern through the long term observation.
Transparency Maldives notes the resolution of the uncertainties over the timely conduct of the

elections following the Supreme Court’s 16-point guideline from the Presidential Election 2013 and

its judgement to remove the President and Vice President of the Elections Commission.
Transparency Maldives calls on all parties to continue to maintain the prevailing environment of

peace on and following the Election Day, and utilise the established electoral resolution mechanisms

in resolving any disputes.

Transparency Maldives will be releasing a press statement on the processes of opening of polls in the

afternoon of the Election Day, and a statement on the Election Day processes, closing and counting

of ballots the following day. A final report on the findings with recommendations will be published

within a month of conclusion of elections.
Media Contact: Aiman Rasheed, Advocacy and Communications Manager. aiman.rasheed@ (+960 790 8967).

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