Youth Integrity Program – Youth as change makers in the fight against corruption

Approximately 51% of the Maldivian population is under the age of 25 (UNFPA, 2012) and is often an untapped resource that could identify needs, develop policies, provide long-term solutions and offer an intellectual capital. Transparency Maldives views this as an opportunity to engage a majority of the population in creating the demand for governance and integrity in public life. The Government of Maldives too, has identified increasing youth participation and empowerment as a high priority in shaping future strategies for development.

Under the Youth Integrity Program, TM seeks to understand the role young people can carve out to act as agents of change and increase youth awareness on corruption. This project is in line with the strategic priority areas of TM, which seeks to increase advocates for anti-corruption by mobilising young people.

The main goal of this project is to inculcate future leaders with integrity and develop advocates for anti-corruption. The project will contribute to achieving the following objectives:

  1. Increase understanding of youth issues and role in fighting corruption
  2. Empower, educate and engage youth in the fight against corruption
  3. Increase youth participation in decision making processes and establish their role as change makers

These objectives will be achieved through a series of activities. TM will conduct a 3 day Youth Integrity Camp to capacity build 30 young leaders on decision-making, resource mobilisation and communication skills with thematic focus on public policy, governance and youth mainstreaming. (Applications are now open for the Youth Integrity Camp 2015)

As a follow up of the Youth Integrity Camp, an integrity pledge will be signed by the 30 youth leaders forming a Youth Integrity Network (YIN) that will work as a network of young change makers in the fight against corruption. The YIN will then hold two youth forums in collaboration with the Maldives National University to discuss youth participation and other sub-themes identified through discussions among the YIN.

Under the Youth Integrity Program policy workshops will be conducted between policy makers and youth stakeholders to create dialogue on youth mainstreaming policies, explore opportunities for collaboration and increase youth participation in decision making processes.